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Hi Marc,

You're lucky.  Here in the US the 5 ghz 802.11a Wi-Fi band is split in to 
sections, one of which runs from 5725 - 5850, right on top of most of our 
allocation.  And, the FCC is adding more channels in the 5470 -5725 section, 
presumably in expectation of increased demand.  That polishes off the rest 
of our allocation.

I don't know where the 5 ghz cordless phones go - they're the big "Clickers" 
on 2.4 ghz where they disturb the entire band.  I think the 5 ghz phones are 
below our allocation, but I'm not sure.

Greg  KO6TH

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Hi Luc, All,


802.11b/g (2.4 GHz, WiFi) is channelized in the 2412-2484Mc range which is a
clear overlap with the HAM frequencies (2300-2450Mc in ON).

802.11a (5GHz) is channelized in the 5170-5320Mc range. This is not
overlapping the 5650-5850Mc range assigned to us HAMS (again in ON). There
is 330Mc separation between the highest allowed 802.11a channel and the
lowest HAM frequency.

It appears to me that 5Ghz is the better option based on this separation.
Has any work been done on verifying interference on 5GHz?

Emergency Use

As mentioned, IP is the way to go. But I'm struggling with the concept of
using an amateur satellite for emergency digital communications of anything
but the smallest magnitude. What is needed is 1.) high bandwidth, 2.) all
the time, 3) in several/many locations.

 >From experience I can tell that the commercial competition (so to speak) 
able to deploy fully equipped ground stations with Mbps capacity within
hours/days depending on the location. Those include power generation too.

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|On 15 Sep 2006 at 16:18, John Mock KD6PAG wrote:
|> I've worked AO-40 near apogee QRP using a phased pair of homebrew quagis.
|> You just need to work out your power budget and see how much antenna you
|> need to get enough ERP.
|I'm glad to hear that but on the downlink did you ever suffer from any
|interference from 2.4ghz
|devices? That is the whole question at the beginning of this thread.
|It seems for some when all theses goodies are migrating up to 5.8ghz they
|choose to cancelled
|2.4ghz on the downlink to put it on 5.8ghz for Eagle? Put it this way it
|seems oversimplistic but
|under the sun of San Diego a sudden light shine coming from probably
|Tijuana where Tequilla is
|cheaper than a bottle of coke...
|To be on 2.4 or not to be on 2.4 that is the question!
|P.S.(I don't drink coke there is too much sugar in it and it's make me too
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