[amsat-bb] Re: AO-51.....Fund-Raising Opportunity?

Simon bfb at aanet.com.au
Mon Sep 18 19:30:00 PDT 2006

I completely disagree. 

You are trying to purposely exclude people because of membership alone,
worse by condoning a cruel silence treatment. I don't think that is in
the spirit of amateur radio. 

How about those of us who made donations to the AO51 project but are not
members? I did, and I also dontated to Amsat DL for P3E, as will I for
Eagle too. Are you going to join every national body that puts up a

I am all for people volunteering to $end a thank you note, if and when
they feel able, but please don't engage in high school infantile games
of not speaking to people on financial status. That's a cruel form of
peer group pressure.


Simon, VK3ZSJ

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I called Martha with this idea today, and she suggested I put it on the
b-b, so here it is:

AO-51 has been a real "hoot" for a bunch of hams, including me. judging
from their technique and their QSLs, many of these ops are doing the
sats for the first time. And probably most of that group do not belong
to Amsat. (And they should, you know)

Since FM05 is not easy to find on '51, I've been getting more than a few
QSL cards, and have started to ask the question on my return: "How about
$ending Amsat a thank-you note?"

Yes, $, not S.

So, my idea is that we should try to get those whom we hear on '51 and
who are not members to join Amsat, or at least send a few bucks in.
Works either way for me.

For those who would like to try this: Martha has said that she will run
calls against the members list and tell us who is NOT a member, if we
send her lists of all those we hear on '51. No need to try to talk to
all these folks, it's crowded enough.

For my part, I will supply the first 500 39 or 24 cent stamps to put on
the the QSLs you would send to those identified as non-members. We
should know how or if this will work by the response to the first 500 

First goal would be to generate 100 new members or contributors.

I am not a subscriber to the list, so please contact me at
amhoner at rtmc.net with comments, criticisms, or offers to help.

Thanks for the bandwidth.

Mike Honer, W1BFN
LM 2252
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