[amsat-bb] ELMER NEEDED for LEO Telemetry

N6FO - Jim Cottle n6fo at earthlink.net
Fri Sep 15 19:10:01 PDT 2006

Hi There,
   I would appreciate direct contact with someone here for extended 
questions regarding using WISP, etc for the TLM in the LEOs. I have no 
problem tracking GO-32 and AO-51, getting a good solid DCD during the 
pass but, try as I might, I cannot seem to get WISP to work. I get far 
more (albiet unrecognizable ASCII) when I simply connect to my TNC with 
hyperterminal. When I use WISP, I get nothing but files stuffed in the 
satellite directory.
   Anyone who wouldn't mind helping me with some stupid questions and 
linking up with me directly would be greatly appreciated. I am needless 
to say, not a fan of LEOs so far and would just like to use the digital 
capabilities at 9600 and 36K. My station is well equipped, but I have 
all of the tools and none of the talent. I am a fast learner, and have 
requested Martha send me a copy of the AMSAT guide (should be here any 
day now). I am tired of simply seeing my array track a 10 or 15 minute 
pass with nothing intelligible to show for it. I would like to read some 
telemetry? THANKS IN ADVANCE!!! I will return the favor once I am tutored.
Jim, PhD
San Francisco

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