[amsat-bb] HEO QRP [was: A emergency use for Eagle's digital side]

John Mock KD6PAG kd6pag at amsat.org
Fri Sep 15 16:18:20 PDT 2006

> P.S. QRP is not very well suitable for HEO work. You know you can change your call letter anytime 
> you wants here. But you can choose otherwise and remain on LEO or cubes, for me i prefer HEO with 
> enough ERP could be VE9ERP will be a good choice too. (JOKE) only a letter to change but this one 
>makes our hobby sharp.

I've worked AO-40 near apogee QRP using a phased pair of homebrew quagis.
You just need to work out your power budget and see how much antenna you 
need to get enough ERP.  

I also routinely work the FM birds at 1W.  (And for passes west of the
Great Plains, 140mW if there's not too much terrestrial QRM and i've got
a good horizon.)  I'll run up to 5W while roaming, as i often don't get a
second chance.
			     -- KD6PAG (Networking Old-Timer, Satellite QRPer)

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