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> P.S. As the power lines are the first to go down in a natural disaster is
> it not logiic to believe that all the S band interference will be down as
> well?
> Considerring the AMSAT-NA vissonnaires why they not put this in their
> calculus? thay have already all the ready to go installations for AO-40
> up and running! Is it not what we are looking for in case of an emergency
> "easy ready to use stuff"?

Hi Luc

Good point ! and for antennas in the emergency you can use those depicted
in QST september 2006 page-42

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

> The more i hear and read on theses visions the more i believe it makes no
> sense at all. Could be we can ask Buffy some help... Speaking of visions
> at least she will offer us a young refreshing one
> ...;)
> "-"
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