[amsat-bb] The Eagle has died, my original point.

Keith Bainbridge vk6xh at arach.net.au
Thu Sep 14 16:51:19 PDT 2006

As I started this thread perhaps I should finish it.
My original point was the ratio of Satellite operators to experimenters 
must be about 50:1, so it makes far more sense to put up a bird that 
people will and more importantly  " can " use than continually 
developing more and more sophisticated modes etc.
The biggest thrill I've had in 25 years as a Ham is to work 67 countries 
and all continents in the 18 months or so that I discovered AO-40. I'd 
played with AO 7  etc back in 80-81 but  this was " FUN " and thats the 
point I tried to make with my earlier post.
I will donate to P3E as it will give me many options to use the gear I 
already have. There are no other options for me, living in Western 
Australia, Leo's are a complete waste of time and money, I can talk to 
myself on every pass on any satellite going over, no one else will be 
there to reply !! Well maybe the same 2 or 3 people.
If Amsat NA must persue the Eagle option then please be prepared to 
revert back to AO-13 / AO-40 type birds when it fails.
Can we finish this hread of mine now please?

Keith Bainbridge

Vice-President    Northern Corridor Radio Group    (  VK6ANC )
Amsat NA 35338
TenTec Omni VI, FlexRadio SDR 1000 , 5 Band Spiderbeam.
Wireless Institute of Australia
Previous calls include VK6DXC, VK6BRK,G6HHV, G0HEI & G1GHZ

You're just jealous 'cos the voices only speak to me.........


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