[amsat-bb] Re: The Mode B tradition, was Re: The Eagle has died.

John B. Stephensen kd6ozh at comcast.net
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All phase 3 satellites have had computers onboard the so this is not a new 
issue. AMSAT-NA tests processors that it uses by irradiating them to prove 
that they will be reliable in orbit. Also, a series of components connected 
on a semiconductor die is much more reliable than a series of components 
connected on a PCB.



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>> 73"  de
>> i8CVS Domenico
> Happily, two of the three birds you  mention above, AO-7 and VO-52, are in
> exactly the mode that analog Eagle  users will be using, U/V. As I
> understand it, the plan is to have this link  working 24/7. (Yes it will
> primarily use a software-driven transponder, but  that will be transparent
> to the analog user.) In this regard, I can't see  how the design
> team can be accused of unnecessarily innovating.
> 73,  Bruce
> Hello Bruce / Dom.
> I agree, the UV on Eagle will be apparently analog (ue) to the casual 
> user.
> But be aware Bruce that it's not "primarily" a software driven 
> transponder.
> It is in fact TOTALLY software driven.  There is no linear IF, just  DSP 
> in
> the core.  Or from another viewpoint  100,000 single point  failures just
> waiting to happen.
> 73
> David  G0MRF
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