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Wed Sep 13 06:36:27 PDT 2006

I got this through another reflector.  It looks like there will be
satellite operations, courtesy of Rafael, XE1GRR

73 de N8AU, Jim in Raymore, MO

Dear OM,

you may already be aware of the DXpediton to Revillagigedo we are
planning in the time frame of Oct 16 to Nov 3, 2006. Except weather
conditions like Hurricanes or other limitations out of our control might
cause changes of that time schedule we expect to operate for about 2
weeks under the call XF4DL from Socorro Island (IOTA NA-030) and - at
the end of the operation - for several hours under the call XF4K from
Clarion (IOTA NA-115). The German participants are DF7TH, DJ5IW, DK2WV,
DL1YFF, DL3DXX and me, DL8LE. All participants have a solid background
of several successful dxpeditions. The Mexican participants are XE2K,
of which the majority has a high level of expertise on IOTA operations
in general and four were active from XF4 before between two and four

We are planning to operate with up to 5 stations with 3 of those 5 for
24 hours/day. Equipment to be used is mainly ICOM and YAESU for
transceivers, ALPHA 99 for amplifiers plus two FL2100B and transistor
amps as spare. Antennas to be installed are Titanex Verticals for the
low-bands, Spider-Beams and Cushcraft A3S as well as Phased Arrays for
all others. K9AY loops and / or beverages are planned as low-band
receiving antennas.

Besides our low-band activity the main focus will be on RTTY (digital
modes) and WARC bands. The planned operation site near the air strip
will be optimum for North- and South - America, Europe and Japan and
will provide an excellent chance to have a XF4-qso for low and medium
power stations as well as compensate the difficult propagation a little
bit which is affected by the present low SSN.

QSL'ing will be done via N6AWD for North-America, DL9NDS for the rest of
the world. Direct inquiries will be sent directly if SASE and sufficient
funds to cover the postage will be provided. All others, i.e bureau
cards as well as e-mail requests, will be sent via bureau, including
those arrived without adequate funds.

As of today the landing and transportation permit of the Mexican Navy
has already been sent to us (departure date from Manzanillo will be
either Oct 14 or 15, 2006). The COFETEL has already assigned the calls
XF4DL and XF4K, the permits of the environmental agency and the
immigration authority are ok as well.

To cover the high costs of nearly 10.000 USD for this operation in
addition to the air fares of the participants, air freight fees and the
equipment we have to buy we are depending on the donation of clubs,
companies, organisations and private persons like you and yours.
Therefore we would be very glad if you could review the possibility to
support our activity. If you could decide to do so we would put your
logo on our web site www.xf4dl.xedx.org as well as on the XF4DL qsl. Due
to the large number of qso's we expect because of the planned duration
of the operation an equivalent large number of qsl's are planned to be

We would be very glad about a positive response. If you have any
questions please respond via e-mail to dl8le at darc.de as well as
jsturhahn at vogt-electronic.com , or just phone +49 8591 937110 (office)
or +49 8546 973783 (home).

73 and thanks for reading!

Juergen Sturhahn, DL8LE

Manager XF4DL
Neuhofen 3
94575 Windorf


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