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Mon Sep 11 22:13:22 PDT 2006

>I like to give my comment on the message of N6GHZ.
>As far as I know there will be a 29MHz receiver on
>Maybe things have changed but at the last designer
>meeting in Marburg, where I showed my MODE-UV
>prototype it was discussed.
>At that time the 29MHz receiver was a task of the
>Finish group. However this group was very busy with
>other parts of the satellite and 29MHz was on low
>priority. Another problem was the physical space, and
>it was agreed that is should join a small space in the
>MODE-UV box.
Early P3E-plan had the 10m band receiver and an engineering model was made
by Janne OH1LRY. I designed and made a matching diplexer to use simultaneously

the L-band receiving helix as a 10m short whip antenna. I modeled the helix

tuning unit with some excessive field test.
However the commission dropped the 10m RX to save space and make the concept
so complex. Also there was discussion about poor link budget and maybe the L-band

helix antenna have to change to other type that made the things uncertain. 

Besides the short L-band helix was not really good antenna on 10m ;-P 

So there is no 10m RX aboard. We are having hard times to fit all parts inside

that satellite. Space is a bit tight and almost all components must be SMD.

At least in our 05E-module size 22x34x3.3cm (8.6x13.3x1.2 inch) which
contains S-band receiver, X-band transmitter, switching power supplies,
Linear-IF processors, Coherent ranging processor and all control circuits.

But now we have some spare parts to build a simple small satellite!

-jari oh3uw

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