[amsat-bb] Antenna Recommendation

Steven Samuel Bosshard (NU5D) bosshard at vvm.com
Mon Sep 11 14:39:07 PDT 2006

Hello to the list,

At present I hve a G-5500 AZEL Rotor, with the azimuth rotor on a rotor plate, and the elevation rotor about 5 ft above the flat top tower.  An M2 fiberglass cross boom goes out 5 ft either side of the elevation rotor.  There is a M2 7 ELE cp antenna on one side, and both a 432, 15 ELE CP antenna and a 35 ele 1296 antenna on the other side.

Several questions.  

1 - everything VHF and UHF are RH CP.  1296 is fixed horizontal.  How much would I benefit adding polarity reversing switches? and is there any benefit trying cp on 1296?

2 - I am thinking about adding 2.4G to this mess.  What antenna would this group recommend for out in the country - near Gatesville Texas - pop 15,000 (1/2 of whom are incarcerated).  Yagi, parabola, etc - weight would be a factor with the elevation rotor, and fiberglass boom.  Downconverter or transverter tower mounted, and IF back to the shack.

3 - Are plans for 2.4 down only or are there also plans for 2.4 up?  ie, downconverter or transverter?

I know these questions are very elementary, but I am new to AMSAT and learning.  

Thanks for your patience,

Steve NU5D 

Ham Radio Spoken Here...NU5D EM11

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