[amsat-bb] Re: 10m band kibitzing

William Leijenaar pe1rah at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 11 14:19:57 PDT 2006


I like to give my comment on the message of N6GHZ.

He wrote:
"I am tried to get 10 metres looked at again by the
AMSAT team but my comments have gone unanswered. I
have also tried to query Peter to get an understanding
why 29 MHz was dropped on P3E but no answer there

As far as I know there will be a 29MHz receiver on
Maybe things have changed but at the last designer
meeting in Marburg, where I showed my MODE-UV
prototype it was discussed.

At that time the 29MHz receiver was a task of the
Finish group. However this group was very busy with
other parts of the satellite and 29MHz was on low
priority. Another problem was the physical space, and
it was agreed that is should join a small space in the
MODE-UV box.

As I had the MODE-UV transponder under my control I
managed to join some PCB units together to make more
space for a 29MHz receiver. Finally I even made the
29MHz receiver unit myself as I had the whole
transponder here at home.

The whole MODE-UV flight-mode transponder included the
29MHz receiver unit I delivered at AMSAT-DL in May
2005, as the first flight ready transponder for P3e.
Unfortunatly the 29MHz I had to take out as the Finish
group was choosen to design it, what I respect fully.

The transponder included the 29MHz receiver can be
seen on my webpage at the following link:

What supprizes me is that you tell me that 29MHz is
not on P3e... I hope this is a mistake as I still have
the receiver here at home for P3e in case the Finish
group can not deliver their 29MHz rx. 

Unfortunatly I also didn't hear any sign from AMSAT
after I delivered my MODE-UV flight-model. I mentioned
many times that I will support in case of MODE-UV
problems, as I do it for the world-wide AMSAT
community in general... like I did with VO-52. This
promise still stands...

What ever will not fly on P3e and is of my design will
be available for any other (long lifetime) amateur
satellite project that has a good chance to fly and
will support world-wide ham community. In case there
is free satellite space available on an interresting
OSCAR orbit (AMSAT or none-AMSAT satellite) I might
sponsor a mode-uv or mode-vu linear transponder of my
own design.

I also hope some more 23cm uplinks will be available
on satellites. I would love to test my 200W PA on a
Ground Plane antenna, and see how it works on the
amsats (and use this band widely so other none-ham
users know ham activity is in this band (and hopefully
they disapear soon) :o)

Lets make some more sats like VO-52...
I only need the box, solar panels and a rocket...
The radio and antennas I will take care of ;o)


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