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> Hi OMs,
> Yes, the Galileo spectrum null for both E6 orthogonal signals goes out
> on 1263.4 MHz. For that reason the P3E L-band receiver local oscillator
> is synthesized and receiver is possible to retune from  1268.800 to
> 1263.300 MHz (center of the analog passband) by command from the Earth.
> On 1268.52  MHz we expected one of  the power spectral density peaks of
> Galileo sigs.
> I already offered participation on Eagle project in the field of L-band
> receiver.
> Mirek OK2AQK
> P3E L-band Rx designer

Hi Mirek, OK2AQK

Tank you for this information and so as already published by AMSAT-DL in the
following document


For the linear mode the uplink L1 will use 1268.725 to 1268.875 MHz
while the Galileo Alternative L2 will use 1263.225 to 1263.375 MHz

Please confirm.

Best 73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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