[amsat-bb] Re: 10mtr and Galileo

Eric H Christensen kf4otn at ericsatcom.net
Mon Sep 11 02:39:03 PDT 2006

But you are forgetting, if you don't use it you will loose it.  If we
just stop using our frequencies we will have nothing to fight with when
those outsiders do come knocking.  We should be using those frequencies
so that we can show that they are being used and that we need them.  By
not flying those bands only goes to show that we really didn't need
those allocations, anyway, and they WILL go to the highest bidder.


Bruce Rahn wrote:
> John B. Stephensen wrote:
>> The issue isn't technical, but regulatory. What will governments do
>> worldwide in the next 20 years?  We can't change frequencies once we get
>> within 2 years of the first launch and must live with the choice for the
>> life of both Eagle satellites. Should AMSAT spend their members money on two
>> satellites that may become inacessible in the future or pick the safest
>> frequencies?
>> 73,
>> John
> John,
> I.E., it is based on a perceived political climate.  That's what I 
> thought, thank you and there is still no sound technical reason why the 
> politicians should prevail...sigh..but we know they follow no logic.
> Bruce

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