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> I would like the AMSAT decision makers to detail the reasoning for
> dropping  the L-Band Uplink like a hot potato besides the "Galileo"
> excuse. As yet, I can't find it in Eagelpedia.

> In view of Peter Blair's (G3LTF) paper (PLEAS SEE JULES LINK BELOW) I
> cannot see any rational for dismissing Eagle use of the L-Band satellite
> Uplink allocation.  I don't thing using the statement that "we will lose
> our  L-Band allocation" is indicative of the much appreciated "science"
> the team is bringing to the Eagle design process.
> Regards...Bill - N6GHz

Hi Bill, N6GHZ

Hopefully for P3E the L-band has been supported but I can't understand why
not for EAGLE

Just in view of possible interference with Galileo and the primary uplink L1
of P3E from 1268.725 to 1268.875 MHz a Galileo Alternative uplink L2 has
been chosen for linear transponder from 1263.225 to 1263.375 MHz

L2 will be switched on just in case in the future we cannot transmit in L1
but for P3E the L-band has not been abandoned.

Read please here part of the letter RE [amsat-bb] INFO ON P3E sent by Peter
DB2OS to amsat-bb on 15 April 2006 wich is fully available in the AMSAT-BB


Quoting Peter DB2OS

Hi Domenico and All,

some clarification...

1) the 2nd L-band linear Passband Uplink "P3E Galileo Alternative" was
originally choosen to be from 1260.100 to 1260.250 MHz and has been
moved to 1263.225 - 1263.375 MHz.


The 2nd  L band uplink was allocated exactly to the first minimum of
spectral density of GALILEO E6-A which is 1263,520 MHz (frequency of the
E6-A carrier is 1268,520 MHz and chip rate 5 MHz).
The 2nd or secondary L2 Gallileo alternative uplink will only be chosen
if the primary L1 uplink can not be used..   it's just a switch in the

73s Peter, DB2OS


73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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