[amsat-bb] S MODE OR NOT! here is my test results

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE lucleblanc6 at videotron.ca
Sun Sep 10 21:41:04 PDT 2006

On 8 Sep 2006 at 1:04, Tom Clark, K3IO wrote:

> Yes, this decision was based on incomplete data. It would be wonderful
> if many of you took the challenge to make quantitative measurements of
> the S-band RFI levels in multiple locations.

I try the test during the week end but i cannot received directly on 2.4ghz as i am using a 
downconverter and what i measure its the downconverter output.

I was fortunate enough to find under a pile of paper a "test" sheet i made when AO-40 was at apogee 
with a squint angle of 8. I was writing at that time at elevation  0 a floor noise swinging between 
S-3 to S-5 on my Ft-847. I was concern at that time with the low elevation pass where i can be able 
to reach japan. What i hear was the usual pop pop but tweaking the DSP and the NB i reduce this 
QRM/N to a level where i was able to perform a QSO, and i made it i work Japan a couple of time 

At 25 degree of elevation the noise fell at S-1 and at 35 degree to 90 the noise remain at .5 S 

At that time The telephone and  WI-FI interference was one of the main topics of discussion when 
speaking about U/S mode on AO-40.

Over the week end i recheck my S band noise with EXACTLY THE SAME SETUP i was using in the above 
test. Did you know what i discover? EXACTLY the same results and AO-40 was placing a S6 to S9 
signal at apogee with squint near 0.

If AO-40 was still on i certified that i will able to replicate the same results without any 

The S2 TX power was about 100 watts and the antenna was only an helix of 8 turns if i can remember 
correctly. Even if Eagle delivers half this power with a cheaper antenna i am convince i will still 
be able to make it.

You know my town was the fourth first erected in North America during the french regime. She's 
probably not the greatest in the world actually...but we have electricity and WI-FI and cordless 
phones who evoluate at the same pace as the other big towns on earth.

This is real stuff from the real world and base on what i checked this week end i still don't 
believe the conclusions made about this FAKED noise problem. 

What they calculate it is an existing situation who was existing since 2003. Playing with carrier 
and large bandwidth receiver only confirm that during the whole life of AO-40 THE WHOLE WORLD 
succeed and quite easily to establish numerous CW and SSB contacts all over the world.

This argumenting about a noise floor does not stand the road at all. Did they go fishing to see the 
reactions of the users? Did they want to force their own ways of thinking to the users or are they 
making some other clever tricks to as usual make the users swallow the sour pills? Be my guest and 
added your own explanation to my list.

As you all know i develop during the recent years on this reflector a kind of carapace and i just 
give view  an overview of what i received in this "trouble period":"I get emotional 
when people do not use the minds they have been given and allow people 
who are no longer even members of our organization drive a debate."  I was always asking to 
restricts the posting privileges to MEMBERS ONLY when i was member but i was told by high ranking 
BOD members (could be the same he refer to)... that the AMSAT-BB is open to all...

Sorry about this but i always believe the insulting comments are the arguments of the weeks or 
those who are making mistakes and who tries to cover them. Anyway i will protect the identity of 
this one but this bad planning by AMSAT-NA will only draw more and more members out. Will only 
remain those with political, financial, selfish interest.

My only hope is they are not all in the president donor club...

>From this on i suggest a motto for the October AMSAT symposium "WE WANTS S BAND DOWNLINKS ON EAGLE" 
As i am not a member i can only suggest it but i will try to update my web page to promote the 

If S band downlink will be on eagle i will join the "gang"

See you later S bander ;)

The medium is the message...The content is the audience...;)

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Skype VE2DWE

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