[amsat-bb] Re: 10mtr and Galileo

jules@g0nzo.co.uk jules at g0nzo.co.uk
Sun Sep 10 16:37:46 PDT 2006

Just for the record, the first Galileo satellite has already been launched:

Also there was a study made by the UK microwave group (the body representing
UK amateur interests above 1GHz), which makes interesting reading. It
suggests that the signals from Galileo would have little impact on
terrestrial/EME 23cms opperation. Obviously the conclusions woule require a
little re-interpretation, with respect to satellite based reception. But as
Galileo transmissions will presumably be aimed at the earth, so that any
amatuer satellite will receive signals greater than that on earth, for a
minute part of it's orbit, I would think that the conclusions drawn would
still be valid. It's an interesting read:


>Speaking of allocations being taken away, I just can't fathom the AMSAT
>decision to drop L-Band up because of the "Galileo Affair." Now that's a
>decision based on "crystal ball engineering" and not fact. I've even read
>that if Galileo ever was launched - and that appears in the latest press to
>be questionable" the US "would has threatened to shoot them down!"
>Regards...Bill - N6GHz

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