[amsat-bb] Re: S-Band Not 2.4 but 2.3

Emily Clarke emily at clarke-design.com
Sun Sep 10 11:32:04 PDT 2006

At 11:59 PM 9/9/2006, John B. Stephensen wrote:
>Unfortunately, there is no country that allows the use of 2.3 GHz for
>amateur satellites and only one country in the footprint of the satellite
>would have to object.

The detailed chart ( 
http://www.ntia.doc.gov/osmhome/Chp04Chart.pdf  - starting on page 
50) is a bit fuzzy but it looks like amateur is allocated from 2300 - 
2450, albeit all on a secondary basis.  Currently there is a 5MHz 
amateur allocation at 2300-2305 in all three regions and a 10MHz 
allocation at 2390 - 2400.  I believe the 2390-2400 is primary as it 
appears in all caps and 2300-2305 may also be primary.

This doesn't mean these are available for satellite use.  The only 
bandplan I have found for this spectrum comes from the ARRL website.

But it is a bandplan, and bandplans are subject to change.  For 
example, there is 800 KHz allocated between 2303.0 to 2303.8 and 
another 500 KHz between 2399.0 and 2399.5 for low rate packet.  Can 
the use of that part of the bandplan be negotiated?  I don't 
know.  However I will be very interested in hearing Paul Renaldo's 
presentation in San Francisco and meeting with the other members of the IARU.



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