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George Henry ka3hsw at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 10 11:10:23 PDT 2006

It's not a question of "if"....  it WILL happen, and indeed, has already 
started.  And remember, with computers, the technology drives the 
marketplace, and not vice versa.  Manufacturers will put 5.8 GHz WiFi in 
laptops, forcing consumers to chuck their 2.4 GHz WAPs and migrate to 5.8. 
2.4 GHz phones will die, and be replaced with 5.8 GHz. models. This, as I 
have already stated (see my earlier message with subject "The REAL future of 
S-Band"), will result in a QUIETER S-band in less than 5 years, contrary to 
the design team's assumption that it will get worse.

George, KA3HSW

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> QVC is advertising the SMC WMRAG EZ Stream 2.4GHz/5GHz Wireless
> Multimedia Receiver for $199. If the wifi devices start going to the
> 5Ghz band how would that affect Eagle in the future?
> Les W4SCO

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