[amsat-bb] Re: 2.4 GHZ Garbage Dump

John B. Stephensen kd6ozh at comcast.net
Sun Sep 10 00:01:48 PDT 2006

Given that we can only fit two transponders, shouldn't we pick two sets of
frequencies that work at the highest number of locations?



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> Is that condition true for all hams? I think not.
> If 50 percent of all hams could work S band 50 percent of the time I
> would call that a great success. When S band didn't work try U/V or
> is it to be V/U?
> The HT sat users can use LEOs and try a HEO at close range. Tracking
> ground stations I think would prefer a good HEO that came into their
> view once a day or even once every other day or two. I don't know
> about you but I do not have the time to be on the air all the time.
> Even one good pass for me on a HEO once a week would be a joy to use.
> For example lets say that P3E gives me one good pass on Friday
> evening, my time. Then if the planners are smart they will make Eagle
> give me at least one good pass on Sat or Sunday. Then if and when we
> get a 3rd HEO up that one should give me a good pass on perhaps Wed?
> Get the idea. Stagger the openings for the users. We don't need a sat
> visible everyday when we only have one or two HEOs in orbit. Don't
> compromise. Make the sats user friendly to the max number of users,
> ... and then start to experiment with pushing the frontiers to new
> bands. Can that idea be done?
> Les W4SCO
> At 07:31 PM 9/8/2006, you wrote:
> >2.4 GHZ is an RF waste land..
> >It is a garbage dump for any and all part 15 and 802.11 consumer stuff.
> >I enjoyed working AO-40 SSB with great signals.
> >It was NOT a CW only bird as some with less than adequate 2.4 GHZ receive
> >setups claim.
> >BUT, the last few months on AO-40 were troublesome....
> >Normal noise levels of S5 turned into 20 and 30 DB over 9.
> >It was traced to 2.4 GHZ internet provider 10 miles away, YES 10 miles
> >It was also traced to a government training center only 3 miles away.
> >Most likely WI-FI.
> >Please give up on the 2.4 GHZ dumping ground.
> >Please join with me and be excited about abandoning it and moving on to
> >greener pastures.
> >Thanks
> >Rick
> >K9KK
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