[amsat-bb] Re: APRS on ISS, PCSAT, and PCSAT2

Jerry W k0hzi.mn at gmail.com
Sat Sep 9 16:58:49 PDT 2006


Last year I had my TH-F6A out on a walk.  I programed in PCSAT
(145.825) and ISS (145.800) just for "kicks"  I heard PCSAT nice and
solid.  So I found a good deal on the TH-D7A[G] with APRS messaging
and made the purchase and also the extended 17 inch whip.  I was able
to get into PCSAT and ISS most of the time, no Arrow antenna!  Even
was out on a trip, wrote down the times of passes and got out of the
car, placed the TH-D7A[G] on the roof of the car along with the GPS
unit.  I made the connect.  Was able to go to findu.com and confirmed
I made the digipeat when I got home.

Now this year, I have not been able to connect to PCSAT and have not
heard it for a few months.  Have tried ISS on many occasions and no
connect.  Figured all the base stations were blocking me out running
more power than the 5 watts on my HT.  I don;t even try anymore, it's
frustrating to say the least.  Thinking of selling the TH-D7A[G], the
APRS digipeater is to far away and only get a few mobiles if they are
in range on 144.39.

On 9/9/06, Armour, Randy (ITS) <Randy.Armour at nashville.gov> wrote:
> I will apologize in advance as this question has probably been asked several times already.  I am attempting to digi-peat through PCSAT, and PCSAT2 with an Arrow handheld and Kenwood D7A.  Having no trouble using APRS on the ISS, I hope to be able to do the same with PCSAT and maybe even get through PCSAT2 before decommission.
> I can decode packets from PCSAT and PCSAT2, but never get a packet through either system.  PCSAT had a 90 degree pass this morning, with no luck.  I am suspicious that my packet path is incorrect, or I don't have enough power to reach the receivers.
> Packet path is ARISS,APRSAT,SGATE,WIDE.  I was recently told that only ARISS was needed for PCSAT, PCSAT2, and ISS.  Having no luck yet and time growing short for PCSAT2, I am hoping to get a definitive answer from the list.  What is the correct packet path?  Can I make it with such limited equipment as a handheld beam and 6 watt HT?
> Thanks in advance,
> Randy - KI4LMR
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