[amsat-bb] Re: APRS on ISS, PCSAT, and PCSAT2

Walter Holmes walterh at k5wh.net
Sat Sep 9 16:03:43 PDT 2006

Your have the Path correct Randy..  ARISS should work fine for you..

Uplink 145.825 and downlink on 435.275 for PCSAT2.  This one is very easy to

For ISS, your uplink is 145.99 and downlink on 145.800. You have to program
a special offset for this.

Either should work great for your D7, certainly does on mine. :)

Best of luck,

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I will apologize in advance as this question has probably been asked several
times already.  I am attempting to digi-peat through PCSAT, and PCSAT2 with
an Arrow handheld and Kenwood D7A.  Having no trouble using APRS on the ISS,
I hope to be able to do the same with PCSAT and maybe even get through
PCSAT2 before decommission.
I can decode packets from PCSAT and PCSAT2, but never get a packet through
either system.  PCSAT had a 90 degree pass this morning, with no luck.  I am
suspicious that my packet path is incorrect, or I don't have enough power to
reach the receivers.  
Packet path is ARISS,APRSAT,SGATE,WIDE.  I was recently told that only ARISS
was needed for PCSAT, PCSAT2, and ISS.  Having no luck yet and time growing
short for PCSAT2, I am hoping to get a definitive answer from the list.
What is the correct packet path?  Can I make it with such limited equipment
as a handheld beam and 6 watt HT?
Thanks in advance,
Randy - KI4LMR

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