[amsat-bb] Re: Eagle Satellite Design

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE lucleblanc6 at videotron.ca
Sat Sep 9 09:14:04 PDT 2006

On 9 Sep 2006 at 6:21, Rick Hambly (W2GPS) wrote:

> If, after considering all the information that is now available, you still
> feel strongly that we are doing a bad job then ask yourself not what AMSAT
> can do for you, but what you can do for AMSAT. > Subscription settings: http://amsat.org/mailman/listinfo/amsat-bb

Your clients eg:your actual and former members nearly unanimously voices their opinion about 
maintaining an S band downlink on Eagle as previously planned by you by the way. Do you feel 
strongly that you are doing your job ignoring them?

Answer your own question first don't blackmail your membership. You are a grown up and you are able 
to take you own decision... when you already feel the pressure from your membership it takes only 
an open mind to adjust the plan not bad faith.

Yours truly

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Former AMSAT-NA coordinator and member.
Skype VE2DWE

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