[amsat-bb] Re: S band and Eagle: an appeal for a higher level discussion

sco@sco-inc.com sco at sco-inc.com
Sat Sep 9 05:56:27 PDT 2006

>You know i make a couple of QSO on AO-51 last week on the V/S mode 
>with the same set up i was using
>on AO-40 i remember where the noise level was in 2003 and i also 
>remember the nature of this QRM
>Pop Pop hiss swishing sound and son on. What i remark different was 
>the poping sound, there was
>more pops than 3 years ago! but they seems to conteract between 
>them. (the has been perform in SSB
>not in FM)
>The antenna was pointing at the horizon but as soon as i elevated 
>the antenna the noise drastically
>reduce to a point where i am sure AO-40 phone QSO will be possible 
>(If he was there...)

My point exactly. Here my antennas must be elevated to at least 25 - 
35 degrees to get a shot at the sky (in most directions) just to see 
the sky. With S Band I probably need 40 degrees or more. So tests 
done at low elevation are of no concern to me. I wish I had horizon 
to horizon view of the sky for satellites but the trees keep the 
house and buildings much cooler here in the summer so i do not 
complain. I work sats in the winter when the leaves are gone.

As more and more phones and computer networks go digital and move to 
5.8 ghz I think that will actually clear the 2.4 ghz band for us. 
Just a layman's opinion.


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