[amsat-bb] 10 september balloon with x repeater active!

Cor skyman at hetnet.nl
Sat Sep 9 03:43:43 PDT 2006

Hello All,

At 10 september 2006 is a balloon fox hunt event in Holland.
On the balloon is also a 70cm->2m crossband repeater active.
Uplink: 432.550Mhz Downlink: 145.475Mhz (mode FM).
You do not have to correct doppler.

Other equipment mounted on the balloon.
80m. beacon active on 3.582Mhz  (1 watt FSK).
2m. beacon active on 145.450Mhz
ATV video transceiver 2330Mhz (with a camera looking to earth).

Maybe the message above does not belong in the amsat mail reflector -
but I'm sure many satellite enthusiasts (here in europe) might like to trie
 the balloon repeater.
In 2005 I have worked 5 different countries via the balloon x rep. (F/G/ON/PA/DL).

More info about this nice event you can see on the official balloon fox hunt website.
Check tommorow last updates each time!!! 
Also check the DX cluster.

73's Cor PD0RKC

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