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Hi all,
Received my Amsat journal to day. I think this argument is crazy. We are 
talking about a digital transponder, I assume is alot wider than any AO-40 
signal. Anything digital I have seen receives digitally, a slight amount of 
intreference and gone. no dedgrading it is either their or it is not! 2.4 
GHz is a garbage band so is 900 MHz and so will be 5.8GHz. Look at the rules 
No ISM on 10GHz, 500 MHz of bandwidth. Protected by Military as Primary. I 
know one of the players on the Band Noise floor measurments, and I know it 
was done professionally. I am certain that the calculations of Bandwidth and 
noise floor requirements for the digital mode makes the dispensing with 2.4 
GHz a vary reasonable approach..

Analog transponders can tollerate more interference and using a 2.1 KHz band 
pass has a big advantage for interference rejection. But Eagle is not AO-40!
The real question is do we go digital in the spirit of 200 Meters and down 
or do we take the ARRL route and promote 10 Meters and up as  a "step up in 
Amateur Radio"? We got to love those No Tech Coded Extras!


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This thread so reminds me of the past pleas for more mode B birds to
replace AO-10 and AO-13. The AMSAT board response was that the VHF and
UHF bands were getting noisy, illegal VHF and legal UHF interlopers were
showing up and for the membership to embrace microwaves and build S band
and L band stations.

Well I am one who has such a station and while I would love certainly to
see mode B, come back, I am also fully equipped to excercise some S and
L band experiments.

I can understand that many households are polluted with 2.4 GHz toys,
mine is. My solution will be to pull the plug on that stuff during
operation and to utilize a medium size dish for the downlink (Note:
those grid panels can't discriminate as well as a bigger dish, and
secondly the IC-970 noise blanker works on some types of S band ISM

Please someone tell me that we can work L and S band modes with HEO and
linear transponders, I would become so much more interested in the hobby!

Joe Leikhim K4SAT

"Treason doth never prosper: what's the reason?
For if it prosper, none dare call it treason."

"Follow The Money"  ;-P

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