[amsat-bb] Re: S band downlink on P3E

David B. Toth ve3gyq at amsat.org
Fri Sep 8 22:07:42 PDT 2006

At 11:41 PM 9/8/2006, Joe Westbrook wrote:
>It appears that Engineering has draw a line in the sand.
>Bob states:
>"I offer the following.  If the board votes to change their vision
>statement and not to build the spacecraft we are proposing,  I will
>tender my resignation as VP Engineering since I will have failed to do
>the job they elected me to  which was to produce a usable concept to
>meet their vision."
>He speaks of "Leadership" but I would argue that a leader doesn't threaten
>to quit if he fails to get his way, he sticks with the task at hand.  The
>Objectives have changed as originally stated and it appears that the design
>team is closed to entertaining any further ideas.

Joe: if you took the time to stop being paranoid, you'd understand 
that Bob is trying to do the honorable thing.
What he is saying is that if the BoD has a vote of non-confidence in 
him, he'll resign, and furthermore, if he was a BoD member, he'd 
resign that too to make room for someone who the BoD would have more 
confidence in ...

I think this is just another example of "What have you done for me lately?!"

No wonder people tire of volunteering - we accuse them all of being 
crooked and deceitful, and when they try to be honorable, we crap on 
them just a little bit more.

Bob: I'm proud of you for being blunt and straight-forward, and I for 
one am proud to be your friend.

I wouldn't blame you for saying "shove it" and just quitting, but 
stick it out - even a lot of the paranoid nay-sayers will eventually 
understand what is going on.

Dave VE3GYQ/W8
Spencerville, OH

>  In 1980 I was in the USAF assigned to the UK. I attended the RSGB's
>Conference at the ole Ali Pali in North London.  My first exposure to
>Amateur Satellite Service was with the AMSAT-UK Contingent who were
>represented there.  I will never forget the cold reception this young (Yank)
>Ham received from the AMSAT folks.  I came to the conclusion then that this
>was an elitist group and I held that stereotype until I attended a Ham in
>Austin, TX in 2003.
>  The AMSAT Coordinator for Austin, TX was at the Hamfest, he had a demo set
>up for AO-40 and I watched the contacts he made with other hams and I was
>hooked.  This gentleman was very helpful. He patiently answered all of my
>questions.  That day, I  purchased a downconverter and Bar-B-Que dish from
>Bob (K5GNA) and proceeded to get on AO-40.  I have to say that is without a
>doubt the most fun I have had with Ham Radio (39 years).  My small dish and
>helix antenna are still up on the mast ready for the next HEO Bird.  I do
>remember working the RS Satellites with relative little difficulty earlier,
>with little mentoring , or cash out lay.  What happened to just having fun
>on Ham Radio?  AO-40 was just challenging enough, I constructed my own
>antennas, read all of the many on-line recourses available to learn how to
>squeeze as much signal as possible on the S Band downlink.  I remembered
>reliving the same types of experiences I had as a Novice making my first
>Based on some of the post on this BB,  I can't help but think that this
>contentious issue is more about having antenna real estate, power budget,
>that support new applications.  The increased noise is simply a red herring
>for those with more ambitious goals.
>I don't claim to speak for the rank and file, this is my opinion based
>largely on recent post to the AMSAT BB.
>- Joe K7ZT
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> > I wrote:
> >
> > If AMSAT-NA is building sats in close circle they just have to openly
> > admitted it
> > even if admission is not a very spoken word.
> >
> > Things seems to evoluate! and evolution often passed by revolution. We
> > learn once upon the time
> > years ago some south the border choose to make a revolution as they seems
> > it was the only one way
> > to achieve their goals. Are we starting to learn from the past?
> >
> > He wrote
> >
> >> I am not interested in flying a carbon copy of P3E
> >> when I know it makes no sense whatsoever.
> >
> > I wrote:
> >
> > Who is driving AMSAT-NA an hollow BOD? an hollow president? Or a third
> > builders
> > manipulating wing
> > who blackmail the BOD?
> >
> > None of them? I let the conclusion yours!
> >
> >
> > He wrote:
> >
> >>If elected to the board, and it changes
> >> direction,  I will offer my seat to the first alternate.
> >
> >
> > He wrote:
> >
> >
> > > I am 52 years old and one of
> >> the most active technical contributors in all of amateur radio
> >
> > I wrote:
> >
> > Even the Goa'Uld the self proclaim gods can be replaced.... And i wrote "
> > but your involvement is
> > not questioned here"  no more blackmail please we used to be sick of this.
> > It is a burden AMSAT-NA
> > pull since too many years now, it is openly admitted and publicly show
> > today. Remember why they
> > celebrate on the 4th of July? an evolution or a revolution or both?
> >
> > To concluded the truth FINALLY came out. Now AMSAT-NA BOD what you will do
> > with a majority of your
> > members who wants to have S band downlink on Eagle? Nothing is perfect in
> > the communication field
> > why not simply build for this time a KISS HEO? As per this very clear text
> > it seems we are going
> > towards an evoluted cube type satellite who will be very far from AO-40
> > and  where room seems to be
> > scarce.
> >
> > My humble suggestion U/V S downlink and if there is still enough room an
> > experimental mode.
> > No switching is bad as it kills S mode downlink to only named this one.
> >
> > My financial service providers want to sell a special products but my
> > client wants another one.
> > Even if they asked me to pushed their prefer products client wants
> > something else.
> >
> > After numerous discussion he finally agree that it is better to sell and
> > deliver something than
> > waiting for the few interested ones to buy their prefer one.
> >
> > All is a matter of choice and please BOD try to listen your membership
> > just in case some can came
> > back!
> >
> > We are speaking marketing here not science. Give what's the client desire
> > once you will gain his
> > trust you will able to do great things after and with his support.
> >
> > Amen!
> >
> > "-"
> > The medium is the message...The content is the audience...;)
> >
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