[amsat-bb] S-Band Not 2.4 but 2.3

Matt vk2dag at bigpond.com
Fri Sep 8 21:21:01 PDT 2006

Ok granted 2.40 GHz to 2.45 GHz has a high noise floor and will get 
worse.  So this will be a good band for uplinking.

I know it's not a satellite allocation but what about a downlink 
around 2310 ~ 2390?  Or maybe 2300 ~ 2302? I also know that some 
countries have lost access to 2.302 GHz  to 2.4 GHz (VK is one) but 
as a downlink no one is stopping us from listening there.

Or must a satellite transmitters be compliant with all international 
allocations?  Or maybe 2300 ~ 2302 would upset to many other users?

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