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> Fortunately, I kept all my AO-10/13 2m & 70cm equipment...likewise am
> keeping my mode-L and mode-S for P3E.  I am just disappointed that I will
> not be able to use my mode-LS station on Eagle, as well.
> 73's Ed - KL7UW

Hi Ed, KL7UW

And I  too kept my antennas and equipments like converters transverters and
so on specifically designed for AO40 but considering all expences occurred
for the preventional maintenance of  the antennas during the elapsed time
between 2004 when AO40 died and hopefully 2007 when P3E will be in 
orbit I am sure that it was a good choice.

In addition if P3E will be succesfull than the S-band downlink will become
more and more popular and so it will be very difficult for Eagle cannot do
without both mode L and S

As you know "the polyp must be cooked in it's own water." 

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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