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> Ladies and gentlemen:

> As one of you commented this evening, AO-40 wasn't exactly a rock
> crusher on S-band.  It worked, and adequately, at least on CW, but was
> not great.

Hi James, WB4GCS

Not true !
If one of us commented that AO40 was not great and only was usable at least
on CW it means that his own station was not adeguate for it and not the
satellite was responsible and one non able to fly swallow does not make a
By the experience of  users majority the S-band downlink of AO40 was great
and the best ever made by AMSAT

>As I reflect on my personal AO-40 experiences, I now
> understand that there are 2 reasons for my disappointment.  Local noise
> was one, and transponder distortion was another --

If local noise was a problem for you it was not a problem for the world wide
majority of  S-downlink users

Distorsion is not completely true !
Warbling and not distorsion was only present when RUDAK was operating
so another swallow that not make a summer.

> Thanks again and very 73,
> Jim
> James A. Sanford, PE
> Eagle Project Manager
> wb4gcs at amsat.org

Best 73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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