[amsat-bb] The Eagle has died.

Keith Bainbridge vk6xh at arach.net.au
Fri Sep 8 02:31:30 PDT 2006

It's a terrible shame that Amsat has choosen not to continue Mode S on 
I for one will no longer send my hard earned cash as a donation to Eagle 
or Amsat NA,but to Amsat DL as I'm sure many others will do.
The expression "Don't bite the hand that feeds you " comes to mind.
I have a full Mode L / S setup here sitting waiting unused since the day 
AO 40 died, what use are LEO's in Western Australia.
Sorry Amsat NA but I wont be renewing my membership next time without 
mode S.

Keith Bainbridge

Vice-President    Northern Corridor Radio Group    (  VK6ANC )
Amsat NA 35338
TenTec Omni VI, FlexRadio SDR 1000 , 5 Band Spiderbeam.
Wireless Institute of Australia
Previous calls include VK6DXC, VK6BRK,G6HHV, G0HEI & G1GHZ

You're just jealous 'cos the voices only speak to me.........


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