[amsat-bb] S-band continued.

john hackett la2qaa at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 8 01:50:54 PDT 2006

Aw C'mon guys,
                        You don't really expect the b.o.d. to pay any 
attention to the opinions of those whom actually "operate" on amateur 
satellites - not to speak of the paying public with their "donations".

Be smart, tell 'em what you *don't* want - then maybe you'll get what you 
*do* want. (tongue in cheek).

Remember ... they know better than than you! what you want - as I've oft 
times been told - (by b.o.d. members)

(... and yes, I'm fully aware of the following "sound" reasons for some of 
the decisions).

1) We have to adhere to the "constructors and planners" wishes otherwise the 
org: will die.
2) This is Amsat-NA, we can't oblige 3rd world country wishes - (even if we 
DO accept their donations).
3) Cutting edge technology - (read: fewer and fewer participants/the 
affluent only).
4) Launch criteria has changed - (money, money, money).

I just wonder if the simple mode-A that actually worked v high tech that 
doesn't - (for whatever reason) - has sunk in yet ... apparently not.

In my opinion, RS-10 and FO-20 were the most popular and widely used amateur 
radio satellites (worldwide) - neither of which, incidentally, had anything 
to do with Amsat.

... and before you turn on the flame throwers, yes, I AM doing my bit for 
the amateur radio satellite fraternity ... and I AM entitled to an opinion - 
(though I am NOT asking you to agree with it) - it does appear however that 
there is a continuing conflict of interests between the "planners" and the 

73 John. <la2qaa at amsat.org>

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