[amsat-bb] Re: S band downlink on P3E

Tony Langdon vk3jed at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 16:25:40 PDT 2006

At 04:38 AM 9/8/2006, Andrew Glasbrenner wrote:
>I am in _TOTAL_ agreement. I live in the suburbs of Tampa/St. Pete and never
>had an interference problem on my 3 foot dish. I have used the same dish to
>log well over a dozen WiFi access points in that immediate neighborhood.
>With properly designed equipment, all that trash on 2.4 ghz goes away with
>some elevation. What won't work is helixes with multiple sidelobes, and
>surplus dishes that let one whole polarity of noise right thru the back.

Reading yours and Rick's message, I'd have to agree.  Since you've 
both proven that there is an easy, inexpensive and effective way to 
deal with the QRM from terrestrial devices on 2.4 GHz, it makes sense 
to keep using the band and to Elmer others in the art of constructing 
an effective antenna with minimum sidelobes.  2.4 GHz is also a 
relatively easy band to get on, due to the availability of surplus 
downconverters, so there's another reason to keep using it.

If I ever get the time (yeah, right!), I'll try 2.4 GHz from my 
backyard.  My environment is not friendly, I have at least one 2.4 
GHz WiFi network, and behind is a school with multiple APs spread 
across the band.  I think I'll be taking your advice re the 
antenna.  I have most of the parts already.   If I succeed, then 
anyone can, unless you've stuck the WiFi AP at the focal point of the dish! ;)

73 de VK3JED

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