[amsat-bb] Re: S Band Downlink on P3E

W7TYN w7tyn at comcast.net
Thu Sep 7 14:34:23 PDT 2006

Well it's time I jumped in on this subject!! 
 I have read the all of the comments concerning the decision to drop a S band downlink on Eagle . It goes without notice that no one from the design team ( or AMSAT BOD ) has denied the rumor. If this reasoning exists please include on this AMSAT-BB.
 I took the time to read all of the Eaglepedia (which is a great service),( tnx Emily )and I see no reference to a PUBLIC discussion to abandon mode S downlink
Going back to V/U modes seems to me taking a step backward to me.
I was very active on AO-40 from here in Portland, Oregon. I am located in a urban area next to the High Tech. factories including the very large INTEL operation. I used a Primstar Dish and homebrew patch and had no difficultly working thru the few click present on the band.

Please "Google" for AO-40 and look through the amount of information and help the average Amateur Radio satellite uplink builder can find to get on mode S.

I will be looking for comments from the BOD or Eagle team that can verbilize for us why a "S-Band downlink" will not sour on our EAGLE .
 There I feel better...73

Joe D'Arcy W7TYN
AMSAT member since 1969
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