[amsat-bb] Icom IC91A for FM sat work?

Ken Paulson kpaulson at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 7 07:40:14 PDT 2006

Hello everyone,

I am planning to retire my 20 year old dual-band HT, and replace it with 
a current model.  I would like to get a handheld that will work well for 
FM satellite work as well as normal repeater operation.  I know that the 
Kenwood D7A is popular, and I have heard some mention of the Icom W32 in 
the past.  Has anyone tried the new Icom IC91A for FM sat work?  Can it 
simultaneously transmit and receive?  I generally like this over some of 
the new rigs due to it being a bit more "normal" sized to operate with 
big fingers.

Ken, N0HRL

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