[amsat-bb] Re: S band downlink on P3E

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE lucleblanc6 at videotron.ca
Thu Sep 7 06:45:35 PDT 2006

> Disappointed to find out that there will not be an S band downlink on
> Will there be an S band downlink on the P3E bird???
> Sure hate having to fork over more money each time a new satellite goes up
> because previous up/downlinks are not being used anymore....makes me wish
> for more mode A LEO birds (grin)
>                                     73, Joe W2KJ

Another bad move by AMSAT-NA... I don't know if they look at their famous survey about their 
members opinions here? Probably not could be some one will wake up from lethargy at the next 
symposium and voices opinions about the maintaining of mode S.

If AMSAT-NA is building sats in close circle they just have to openly admitted it even if admission 
is not a very spoken word they can at least give some explanations on their facts who leads them to 
scrap mode S?

Interference? even if they wants to go higher at the time eagle will be in space the higher 
frequencies will be as crowded as 2.4 actually. We actually see some decreased in 2.4 ghz apparatus 
as the public always want the most recent goodies even FRS/GMRS are moving to 5.2 ghz.

Suggestion: At the next AMSAT-NA 2006 Space Symposium it will appropriate to voices opinions to the 
BOD asking them to maintain as planned the mode S.

Just to pointed out on a 2005 AMSAT-NA Dayton Hamvention  Jim Sanford WB4GCS made a presentation on 
eagle project and he said i quote " S band will be our bread and butter on the downlink" a 
prototype of L/S and C/S where planned for the 2005 Symposium at that time.

He also mention that the C/C project in on a bleeding edge technology (read experimental) and they 
where not too sure if they will even be able to make it.

Why the C/C band project? he let go this " this will permit some folks to use it from their 
balcony" the cat goes out the bag AGAIN the same ECHO mindings are resurecting...The guy with an HT 
will be able to make it without using a huge antenna!

We will never be able to get rid of this obsession and you know now why they want to move up?  The 
guy who live on a balcony is living in an apartment complex where S band in unusable. Here is why 
the C/C project come up. How many actual sat operator are living in apartments? the majority of 
some of them?

Here is the whole logics behind this mode S scrapping. If you read a bit behind the lines you will 
see he speak about P3E where mode S will be present and he confirm some collaboration between both 
teams. He also say some of the Eagle builders are funding their own project. From this since 2005 
we can only see the builders behind the C/C project pushing so hard to a point to get the money 
previously intended for the 2 S mode TX redirected to their C/C project.

Who is driving AMSAT-NA an hollow BOD? an hollow president? Or a third builders manipulating wing 
who blackmail the BOD?

None of them? I let the conclusion yours!

P.S.To the BOD its not the best way to attract new members or convince those who leave to rejoin!

The medium is the message...The content is the audience...;)

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Skype VE2DWE
Former AMSAT-NA coordonnator and member.

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