[amsat-bb] Bad and good news XE2AT !!

Alvaro de Leon Romo xe2at at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 6 14:55:25 PDT 2006

I back to home today afternoon with a bad news :-(
I can reach the line of two grids at time, the first pass I can hear the 
satellite very strong but unfortunally I can go trough because strong 
stations crowded the sat :-( , elevation was below 10 degrees and a lot of 
trees were a bad recipe :-(
The second pass was very high but I really dont know what happen , I can 
hear to Allen N5AFV at the beginingof the pass  but then all was crowded 
with another signals !!!! I called several times but the problem continue, a 
lot of interference and nothing about AO51 !!!
All pass and no QSOs !! what a mess, 1 hour driving and no QSOs....
Well  now I am using a small TH6FA and is the second time that the 
interferences win to the satellite signal, the interference was from a close 
station in 70cm but I think the radio is not selective :-( bad new.... I 
really miss my old TH79 and the ICw32....
The good new is that tomorrow I will fly again, my wife is happy lady ,I 
will be close to DL62-63-72-73, so I will try to be the Thuesday night and 
if no QSOs I will try again the Friday morning,.....
If somebody have the same problem in the receiver side of this radio please 
send me an email.
GL to all
Ps 50 % of chance to be next week again in DL75/76.....cross your fingers
73 de Al

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