Paul Williamson kb5mu at amsat.org
Sun Oct 29 04:58:31 PST 2006

At 7:50 AM -0500 10/29/06, Doug Kuitula wrote:
>how most satellite tracking programs automatically change from 
>standard to daylight savings time. With us changing next year to 
>March and November, won't there have to be some sort of change in 
>the software? I'm using Instant Track

Unless I issue a new version of InstantTrack to implement the new DST 
rules, you will have to take over manual control of DST, by making a 
change to your configuration twice a year.

For details on setting this configuration, see the InstantTrack FAQ 
at http://www.amsat.org/amsat/intro/itfaq.html#036

Other programs will have their own methods.

73  -Paul
kb5mu at amsat.org

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