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Perry Yantis pyantis at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 28 10:28:14 PDT 2006

Yes I think I have figured it out.
I noticed that when I download from Celestial bbs I went to word pad and hit replace.
I then told it to replace all "-" with a space.
I forgot that there was a "-" in the satellite name and I think that was the problem.

After reading a comment on the Amsat bbs I decided to open the amateur.txt in word pad and then hit the replace button.
Then I told it to find [-] and replace with 3 spaces, then the do all button.

I then repeated this procedure after changing the "-" to "+" and again with "+"being changed to "P".

Then I clicked the "save" button.

This seemed to work OK so far.

When you edit the kep file if you leave out a space or something the txt file no longer works in Uni-trac but does work OK in Nova.

That is why I hate to edit the file and up until lately I did not have to with  the keps from Celestial bbs.

The Amsat keps had a header that had to be edited out until not too long ago when those keps became available in the bare keps (with no header)

Also check the satellite names as keps from different bbs have different names for some satellites like Oscar 7.

Anyway try this and see if it works for you

I just don't know everybodies keps have to be different!

Perry WB8OTH

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Hi Perry saw you’re posting the other day regarding Celestrak Keps. I have run this program for several years without a problem now I cannot get it to run. I downloaded the keps and with the help of notepad editor I removed all the +  - etc.signs. But still having trouble, as soon as I open the program the Main Configuration file flashes then
It will only show the map window. I do not run Nova. I was wondering if you have a solution probably something simple that I am missing
Gerald VE4GTB
Amsat # 29196
Area Coordinator, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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