[amsat-bb] British Satellite Prospero heard ??

Eric Rosenberg wd3q at starpower.net
Fri Oct 27 22:13:24 PDT 2006

When I was in the Regulatory Affairs group at Orbcomm from 1996-2001, we 
had an issue with Prospero occasionally showing up in the Little LEO 
downlink band of 137-138 MHz.

I contacted some folks in Farnham who were involved with that satellite 
(launched from Woomera, Australia, if I'm not mistaken), and was able to 
collect some documentation on the satellite, long considered dead, and 
most of those involved retired.

The long and short of it was that the problem went away, everyone was 
pleased, and I had some interesting documents.  It's been some time 
since that happened; I've moved on twice (first to Iridium Satellite and 
am now with the US Government), and all that's left of Propero is the 
backup satellite and Black Arrow rocket, both of which which sit in the 
Science Museum in London.   I haven' a clue where the documentation I 
had is -- it may be in the boxes of material I donated a couple of  
years ago to the Historic Electronics Museum outside Baltimore. If I get 
a chance, I'll sift through the debris in my basement and see if they 
rise to the surface.

Eric W3DQ
Washington, DC

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