[amsat-bb] British Satellite Prospero heard ??

john heath g7hia at btinternet.com
Fri Oct 27 09:44:19 PDT 2006

Can anyone verify the reception of signals from this old satellite?

The BBC TV programe Coast visited the Black Arrow test site on the Isle of White.
This was the location for a static firing test site, part of the sucessful UK rocket program in the 1960's-70's

On the programe they demonstrated reception of short pulses which were claimed to be from the satellite Prospero.
Object number 5580. Is this genuine,  or did they pick up something else which they attributed to Prosopero.

An AOR scanner was shown but I was not quick enough to see the frequency display.  Did anyone record it on video?
The antenna was a small yagi hand held.

The only reference to a recent reception report I can find on the net dates to 2002 and a frequency of 137.560.
Element sets for Prospero are available from the Space-Track web site. 

(see the Space Page, RadCom January 2006.

73 John G7HIA

PS/ I listened on numerous day light orbits early in the year and heard nothing.

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