[amsat-bb] Still having problems with the new kep format??

Perry Yantis pyantis at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 27 11:05:46 PDT 2006

Can anyone tell my why Celestian bbs changed it kep format from something
simple and easy to use to something that don't work!!!!

Again today I have downloaded the new keps, then in Word Pad deleted the
satellites I don't want and the +-[] that I don't want and resaved the file.

But once again my sat programs reject these new files.

I may start using the Amsat keps that are in the NASAbare files as these
are text without extra stuff.

The problem with these keps are the sat names are different from what I
have in my programs now (nova and Uni-trak) and as a result
I will have to re enter all the satellites.

As a result I am very ticked off that things were changed that cause all
these problems.

Why can't the sat keps be simple text files that all use the same names and
no extra stuff.

This should not be this much of a problem.

Perry WB8OTH

Perry Yantis
pyantis at earthlink.net

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