[amsat-bb] AMSAT history

Robert McGwier rwmcgwier at comcast.net
Thu Oct 26 16:50:29 PDT 2006

AMSAT has an amazing history.  I find the memories are best aided by 
photo's because I would otherwise probably forget.  I have taken all of 
the photo's I have, and have been given to me by others (primarily Dick 
Daniels) and placed them into a my picture repository at smugmug.  I 
have a photo history, incomplete,  of the Project Oscar and AMSAT-NA 
work, whether or not it was secondary or primary with the exception of 
ECHO/ AO-51, which was our fifth microsat.  It is amazing to go back and 
see the earliest days when Jan King, Dick Daniels, Perry Kline and 
others did amazing things and to follow the history as it moved forward 
into the "Karl Meinzer era"  beginning with Oscar 7 and continuing into 
Phase3A and then into the successful AO-10.   These photo galleries are 
available here:


and are subdivided into missions and further subdivided by events or 
focus.  I have not yet collected photo's for the space missions: SAREX 
and ARISS that involve AMSAT work.  I will be trying to do that as 
well.  I will periodically post updates when I complete captioning of 
these pictures or add a significant new body of pictures to the missions. 

Please, if you can provide a caption for a photo,  send it to me with 
the link.


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