[amsat-bb] Re: Is TH-D7AG the only widely available full-duplex HT??

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Hi John:

I just got my TH-D7AG not so long ago and am VERY happy with it. Definitely
full duplex on satellite (you'll need either headphones, I use an old
personal CD player set with a small Radio Shack converter plug) or external
speakers to avoid feedback. In addition you get a built-in TNC and I started
dabbing around with APRS, including using the PCSAT-1 on NO-44, so that
allowed me to do even satellite APRS. More fun for the money! PCSAT-1 is now
in eclipse though :(

I got mine from HRO. Reliable retailer, prices as good or bad as anywhere
else I believe.

Now the TH-D7AG is not built as solidly as let's say my Yaesu VX-7, which I
like too. I used the latter when I started satellites because that's what I
had. In simplex. I never realized how much duplex is better till I got the
Kenwood. But I've made many contacts with the Yaesu. If funds were not a
problem, then I'd recommend the Kenwood, but just as starter, if another
dual band radio is already available, start with that one.

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I was trying to help out another ham get started with satellites, and
just checked the on-line HRO catalog.  They no longer list the Icom W32A,
only its accessories.

Does that mean that the TH-D7A[G] is the only HT being made today which
well on FM satellites???   Are there other vendors besides HRO to check?

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