[amsat-bb] Re: Third Party questionnaire

Tony Langdon (ATC) tlangdon at atctraining.com.au
Tue Oct 17 19:10:05 PDT 2006

> Just to pointed out this peculiar rules section:
> 3. Frequency Bands and Qualifications
> An operator of an amateur station may operate within the 
> frequency bands set out in the attached Schedules I, II and 
> III in accordance with the operator´s qualifications 
> identified for the 
> specified band.  

This is the way Australia has headed.  The bands are listed with the allowed
bandwidth for each band/licence class.  There's no legal requirement to
stick to specific modes, except in the case of Foundation licensees.

For example, with an Advanced licence I can basically use (subject to
restrictions in some areas, where interference to non amateur services is an
issue - e.g. 6m in most of the country is limited by the presence of channel
0 TV).

Bandwidth is defined as "necessary bandwidth"

160-12m - Any mode with bandwidth up to 8 kHz
10m - anymode up to 16kHz bandwidth
6m, 2m any mode up to 100 kHz bandwidth
higher bands - any mode (within band limits)

Mode segmentation is not legally enforced, but like Canada, they are
maintained by the WIA in the form of band plans, which are essentially
gentlemens agreements, which the vast majority stick to.

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