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There are a few around using the 10 footers and larger for EME and a radio telescope on 1420 MHz. Also for the Mars porbes on 8.4 GHz. Check out the (DSN) Deep Space Network and EME pages.

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> How would a dish this size work as an antenna for a radio > telescope? If so what frequency range would it be helpful?One simple thing I always wanted to do was to put two C-Band LNA's at the focal point, with one pointed to one half the dish and the other to the other half of the dish.  Then simply connect the two together with equal length coax.Now then bring the combined output into a receiver.  What you have is a pair of "RF" binoculars with a baseline between them of about  feet or so?As you point it at the sun, or let the sun move through its focal point, you will get peaks and valleys as the RF from each LNA phases in and out.  This then can be blotted and somehow used as an RF image of the sun's disk at C band.I dont know how to prcess it into the image map, but always thought someome coiuld tell us how...de Wb4APR, Bob_______________________________________________Sent via AMSAT-BB at amsat.org. Opinions expressed are those of the author.Not an AMSAT-NA member? Join 
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