[amsat-bb] Trick for Kenwood TS 2000 firmware upgrade

Martin Dannegger dg6fdv at web.de
Tue Oct 17 03:50:59 PDT 2006

Some days ago I tried to upgrade my Kenwood TS 2000 with the newest firmware. I found some descriptions of problems during firmware upgrade like Perry's "ts2000 firmware NIGHTMARE!!" which he posted in the AMSAT BBS in Feb 2005. Nevertheless I decided to upgrade my TS 2000. But I made exactly the same bad experience. I received many error messages including "can't find TS 2000 error". It seems to be the upgrading was a mistake, but in the end it succeeded! I did it in the following way: After the start of downloading process the error messages came after 20% to 75% of downloaded data. Ten retries and about 2 hours later I stopped this.
I thought it could have to do with WINDOWS XP multitasking and with interrupts because of the strange comment in the program's window not to touch keyboard and mouse during download and "don't worry about communication lost, just reconnect power supply and try again" in the other window. So I opened the Windows Task Manager looking for the task of the TS 2000 download program under "Processes".
Then I clicked with the right mouse button on the task and gave it a higher priority. First I tried the maximum (Real Time) but immediately my Computer crashed. 
After reboot I could restart the download only be dis- and reconnecting power supply and restart of download program of TS 2000 without any problem.
Than I gave it a "higher as normal" priority and miraculously the download runs until 100%.
During the whole time I never (!) set the upgrade switch (s1) back to off and I made no new recognition process except after final and error free download! I don't know if this is an universal solution for the upgrade process and I understandably only tried it once. As a matter of course I can't accept responsibility if it doesn't work. Martin (DG6FDV at web.de) [mailto:DG6FDV at web.de)]

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