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From: Thomas Lubbers [mailto:k8tl at earthlink.net] 
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I have been trying to use the data mode on AO-51.  I am using WISP3212


    IC 910 Kantronics 9612+.  The down link works fine.  When it should be
transmitting for a fill I see the STA light flicker but no PTT!


    The TNC will talk to another TNC at 9600 using HyperTerminal.  I assume
there is one more parameter that needs to be changed but I sure don't know
what it is any hints?


    Is there something newer than WISP3212 out?  Is there anything that will
work with sound card packet?  


    Know of any one who is using the 9612+ sucessfully?


    Saw Your call in the cue last night.


73 Tom K8TL



Thomas Lubbers

k8tl at earthlink.net

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