[amsat-bb] Matt Ettus N2MJI, IEEE Spectrum

Robert McGwier rwmcgwier at comcast.net
Thu Oct 12 22:28:16 PDT 2006

In the October issue of the IEEE Spectrum is a review of GnuRadio and  the USRP and in the contents is a picture of Matt with his USRP and some  attachments.  The article by Stephen Cass is in the "Tools and Toys"  section.   It is quite favorable and points out what we all know.  The  software needs to be easier to install and maintain and as always,   there needs to be better documentation.

The one software module they mention as working is the FM Stereo  demodulator I wrote so I am awfully glad we did it.  He mentions that he  got the TV demodulator going but that its rasterization was as yet,  incomplete.  We in the process of getting the digital subcarrier  demodulated and decoded (RDS) at this moment.  This is being done by  someone else.

This was a thoroughly written,  and very positive review for Matt and  GnuRadio,  both important contributors to Eagle.    Matt is the designer of the Advanced Communications Package and, with me, the co-proposer of the current Eagle mechanical concept.

Congratulations to Matt of USRP and Eric Blossom of GnuRadio and part of the growing cadre of truly exceptional people working on our spacecraft.


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