[amsat-bb] Re: Eagle U/V modes

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Oct 11 05:40:52 PDT 2006

> Are any of the details of the Text Messaging system published
> yet? 

At the AMSAT conference I was reminded that AO16 is still alive
and well and digipeating.  And Doug's UPW sound card software
allows for the uplink and there are other programs for doing the
PSK downlink, so we have everthing we need to use this venerable
satellite for things like Field Day QSO's.

I wonder if there is published a plug-and-play guide to
operating AO16 in Keyboard CHAT or QSO mode?  In fact, with
soundcard downlink software, then we could add it to the global
APRS Satellite gateways system too.  The uplink uses AX.25 1200
baud packet through an FM transmitter (though manchester
encoded).  But again, this is trivial to generate in APRS
trackers and/or UPW's uplink software.


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