[amsat-bb] Re: Eagle U/V modes

sco@sco-inc.com sco at sco-inc.com
Tue Oct 10 21:35:38 PDT 2006

I used my 8-9 ft U Band M2 crossed Yagi on AO-40 with my S Band dish 
and downconverter with no problem. I plan to operate my 8-9 ft m2 
crossed yagis on P3E and Eagle.


>2.  What I thought I heard at the Symposium was that we wouldn't need such a
>massive station to work Eagle's traditional UV transponder.  While I expect
>there were many such "baseline" stations in existence around the planet, I
>wonder how many are still operational after years of no HEO UV birds and all
>the affects of weather?  Then there are those of us who cannot put such a
>station on the air, lacking the space and/or neighborhood setting (cc&r) to
>do so.  I managed a few contacts on AO-10 and one on AO-13 with my 8 footer,
>under unusually good conditions, but they were an ear strain.  I had planned
>to need to go to LS on Echo until the Symposium convinced me that I'd be
>fine on UV.  Do I need to re-think that?
>Thanks to all the presenters at the Symposium.  Great event!
>Greg  KO6TH

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